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residential cleaning services

A Team's trained professional cleaning experts will tackle dirt, dust and grime and leave your home shining - we're always focused on cleaning for health.

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Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning is best in the industry.  We go the extra mile to ensure you carpet is clean. Our 7-step process ensures you get best results. Many companies charge an additional fee for each step. 

  1. Remove soil from carpet with a dry vac.
  2. Pre Spray all areas with cleaning solution.
  3. Scrub all areas with a bonnet, giving special attention to traffic lanes and spots.
  4. Add deodorizer as needed.
  5. Extract all carpets with special treatment solution.
  6. Treat all stains (This meaning any permanent spots that do not come out with conventional maintenance and cleaning methods and materials.  There is no guarantee stains will be able to be removed.)
  7. Treat carpet with a protection guard that will help prevent future soiling and stains.

We believe in straight forward up front pricing.  We will not charge an additional fee for spot treatments and pre vacuuming like our competition does.  This is part of the process and should be treated as such.  We also include a 1 time return visit within 48 hours to address any concerns.

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Whole home cleaning

  • Dusting                                                          
  • Dry and wet mop hard floors                      
  • Vacuum Carpet                                             
  • Wipe down walls and baseboards
  • Sanitizing all surfaces and fixtures            
  • Trash collection
  • Correct chemicals for the job                      
  • Window cleaning

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Upholstery & Leather Cleaning (Sofa, Couch, Sectional, Loveseat, Recliner)

We can take care of your furniture as well.  If you have had an accident on a sofa, loveseat, recliner, or pretty much any kind of upholstery that needs to be cleaned, we have you covered.  We can clean, spot treat, and deodorize all upholstery.

We use the name that has been trusted since 1984 and has been the uncontested best leather chemical provider since.  We use the Leather Master process to clean all leather products.  This includes cleaning it with a cleaning agent that removes all harmful oils and debris.  We then treat any spots that may need to be treated.  We follow with adding natural oils back into the leather to help protect it for years to come.  This process keeps your leather looking nice and free from cracks and discoloring if treated regularly.