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A Team Cleaning started with a couple of guys sitting in a dining room on Thanksgiving of 2010 wishing there were better quality and affordable options for janitorial service. These guys were Ben and Zach. Next thing Ben knew, some friends and family at the Thanksgiving table wanted to get carpets cleaned. Ben and Zach told them, “We can do this.” Ben and Zach both came from jobs in the industry and wanted to better themselves and others.

After shopping for equipment, Ben and Zach started out working out of a family minivan with some small scale equipment. A Team Cleaning was born. Ben took ownership of A Team Cleaning in 2014 and has grown the business substantially since. Within a few years, A Team Cleaning went from two struggling guys and a few customers to over 20 buildings with several service contracts and five employees. 

Ben is determined to be the best cleaning service provider in the greater Findlay, Ohio area.

top 5 reasons to hire us:

  • We are flexible enough to meet the needs of any business. We clean large businesses that need cleaning daily, and the small that needs once a month cleaning.

  • We will not miss a service appointment. We always have a backup plan to ensure we don’t cause undue stress in your life.

  • We hire the best staff. Our staff is well trained and the best paid in the industry, giving you maximum satisfaction.

  • Concerns are addressed immediately. This is not something that happens often, but occasionally there is a small concern. We are very proactive and address most concerns within 24 hours.

  • We only have 30-day contracts. It renews automatically and to cancel we only require a 30-day notice. Most companies lock you into a 1-year agreement. The 30-day notice allows you to change things as needed and it holds us accountable to always do the best job for you.

Ben Smith (owner) and family.

Ben Smith (owner) and family.